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Evel Live!

“Evel Live,” is an unprecedented three-hour live event premiering Sunday, July 8 at 8PM ET/5PM PT as part of HISTORY’s second annual car week.
During “Evel Live,” American professional motorsports icon and Nitro Circus founder Travis Pastrana will honor legendary daredevil Evel Knievel by attempting three of his most dangerous feats in Las Vegas, Nevada, all while riding a modern-day recreation inspired by the motorcycle Knievel used – an Indian Scout FTR750s

The 3 stunts include:
#1: Jump over the length of 52+ cars, two more than Knievel did at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1973.
#2: Jump over 16 Greyhound buses, beating Knievel’s record.
#3: Final jump is over the iconic Caesars Palace fountain, which Evel fell short and suffered severe injuries and a concussion during his attempt over 50 years ago. Pastrana will jump the fountain on the same style bike as Knievel, completing what no one has done since Evel did it 50 years ago.

*If Pastrana rides away from all three, he will be the only person to successfully beat two of Knievel’s distance records and land a jump over the fountain on a v-twin motorcycle. All of this will happen in the span of just three hours, and HISTORY will capture every exhilarating, nerve-wracking moment live.

Matt Iseman (“American Ninja Warrior”) will host the evening, along with co-host Sal Masekela (“Red Bull Signature Series”) and former Miss USA and ESPN reporter Kimberly Pressler as the event’s sideline reporter. “Evel Live” will also feature a roundtable of celebrity and expert panelists comprised of athletes, analysts and comedians, overlooking the Caesars Palace fountain. Led by freestyle motorsports competitor Carey Hart and Johnny Knoxville, the panelists will provide insight and commentary throughout the evening.

Alongside the three epic jumps will be live interviews with Knievel and Pastrana family members, archival footage of the history behind Knievel’s many daring jumps, and expert analysis. Evel Knievel was the world’s first iconic daredevil. Spanning a career of 15 years that saw 75 spectacular motorcycle jumps – and a few harrowing accidents – Knievel created a legacy that inspired generations and left audiences in awe of his audacious feats. Fast forward to the present day and Pastrana has stepped into Knievel’s shoes as America’s modern-day daredevil. Inspired by his predecessor, Pastrana was the first person ever to land a double backflip on a motorcycle.

Matt Iseman
Matt Iseman
I'm the host of American Ninja Warrior and I'm squaring off against 15 other celebrities, all representing their favorite charities while vying for the title of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”
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