For Healthcare Professionals

Physician, Heal Thyself
As a fellow member of the healthcare community, I know all too well the challenges inherent in the medical field… challenges that contribute to the pressure of an already stressful environment. But everyone needs a little laughter in their lives, especially in a profession that too often forgets to laugh.

First, Do No Harm
Anyone who is a doctor, who knows a doctor — or has even been to the doctor — will relate to my comedy. I have a unique ability to poke fun at medicine while always maintaining a healthy respect for the “most noble profession.”

Laughter is the Best Medicine
I originally became a doctor because I really believe that laughter is the best medicine. Now, I put that saying to the test every day – and clinical studies have shown that less than one percent of my jokes are placebos!

If your audience has any involvement in the medical field, make an appointment to have me at your next conference, meeting, or event. I’ll make sure that every audience member goes home with a healthy dose of my favorite medicine – laughter!

Looking forward to insuring the good health of your next meeting,
– Dr. Matt Iseman

  • "His humor was smart, funny and fit the audience. I think he connected in a way no one else could because he is a medical doctor and could speak their language. I would highly recommend him for business or medical events." - Feather River Hospital

    Feather River Hospital
    Feather River Hospital
  • "Dr. Iseman combined humor and insight to deliver a presentation designed specifically for our group's needs. The result was a program that was both entertaining and educational, and a huge success with the audience." - Edwards Lifesciences

    Edwards Lifesciences
    Edwards Lifesciences