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Matt Iseman invented a new, terrible, train-wreck of a game

You know Matt Iseman, right? American Ninja Warrior host, stand up comedian, doctor. Yeah, well he’s got a friend named Matt Rogers who’s also a host and a country singer.

Well, they’ve taken it upon themselves to devise their own show via Instagram Live called “Don’t Embarrass Me.”

The premise: Matt and Matt dare each other to do highly humiliating things in airports for seemingly random points and no prize worth this emotional agony.

Matt Iseman debuted the second “episode” on his Instagram Live while he was at O’Hare International Airport. It was his turn to be dared and Matt Rogers was merciless. There are poop jokes. There’s public disgrace. There are average citizens fleeing from Matt Iseman.

First up, Matt’s plane had just landed and he needed to tell five people he had to poop really badly.
(Warning: Matt flips the bird briefly in this video.)

After surviving that, Matt had to convince someone to call their family and let MATT tell them he loved them. Bonus points if they said they loved him back.
It did not go well. We found ourselves screaming “NOOOOO” at the awkwardness just watching this go down. How Matt was not tackled by security, we’ll never know.

Third challenge: Get as many people as possible to say “dilly dilly” in two minutes. You know, dilly dilly. From the Budweiser commercial? No? We thought everyone knew this one!
Welp, Matt had the same lonely experience.

But it did give us this glorious moment where Matt tried to hide his whole body behind a pole and took a second to contemplate his life decisions.

Matt at the Airport

We really wish we had a third person camera angle on this. Imagine Matt Iseman scurrying through an airport, talking nonsense to his phone, and then running behind a pole. Solid gold.

No, we don’t know if the Matts will ever do this again. Or if TSA will ban them from traveling. But follow Matt on Instagram to find out, we guess!

Article originally posted on American Ninja Warrior Nation

Matt Iseman
Matt Iseman
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