We Can’t Unsee Matt Iseman’s ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Performance

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We Can’t Unsee Matt Iseman’s ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Performance

Tonight, in the June 13 episode of Lip Sync Battle, Akbar Gbajabiamila and Matt Iseman square off for American Ninja Warrior bragging rights, and in a jaw-dropping clip, Iseman shows that he’s in it to win it. Forget the Salmon Ladder or the Warped Wall, the hardest element facing Iseman this week is “The Tuck.”

For his second performance of the episode, the American Ninja Warrior Host tackles one of Cher’s most iconic songs … and costumes. Iseman’s outfit for his performance of Cher’s “Believe,” is hugely reminiscent of the eye-popping, barely-there outfit that the music diva wore in the 1989 music video for her song, “If I Could Turn Back Time,” shot aboard the battleship USS Missouri.

“Listen, it’s not often that you get to go on a show like Lip Sync Battle,” says Iseman. “Channing Tatum was on with Beyoncé; we’ve seen real, A-list stars go on there and go big. And I’m not someone who likes to do things halfway.”

He continues, “I’m from the ‘80s and ‘90s, and I remember that video — and I thought, ‘what would you expect a 6’4,” 250-pound guy not to do? Dress up like Cher with my butt cheeks hanging out.’ It was fun and we worked on the choreography for an hour and a half and it shows. I’m not a great dancer, but I’m committed. And I was in high heels.”

And if you won’t give Iseman credit for performing in a g-string and fishnets before cameras and a screaming audience, the 48-year-old also did it in front of his parents. “They had no idea what was coming,” he reveals. “But even if you’d described it, I don’t think anyone was ready for me as Cher. That was real surprise on their faces.”

Iseman also reveals that people who have seen the clip have a big question about the tiny costume. “People were asking what I did with ‘Mt. Midoriyama,'” he says mischievously. “Let’s just say that there was a lot of underwear, and I could not have stayed in that position much longer. Thank God I didn’t do the splits!”

After Iseman’s unbelievable performance, he says that his costar was in utter disbelief. “Akbar and I have worked together for 8 years. There’s not much that can shock him, and this shocked him.”

And after his time on Lip Sync Battle, Iseman hopes that he’s forever atop the show’s pantheon of memorable performances. “Channing Tatum had better feel threatened, and Cher may issue a cease-and-desist because she looks a whole lot better than I do. But I hope she watches and I hope she likes it.”

The doctor-turned-funnyman says the episode is something he won’t soon forget. He marvels, “As I look at the things I’ve gotten to do in this career, this is certainly a highlight. And I know Cher’s going to be watching. Cher, watch out, diva.”


Matt Iseman
Matt Iseman
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